Foods That Work Hand In Hand With Fitness

Published on 10/21/2020

Health and fitness work hand in hand, what you put into your body fuels it and maintains it. However, have you ever realized if you eat healthier and cleaner it is much easier to work out and exert energy than if you have eaten badly? Moreover, depending on what your goals are- exercise and diet can be equally as important. If you are trying to lose weight you cannot just exercise yet eat badly, in fact, you can eat well and lose weight- it is the major component. When exercising, this will boost the process and tone your body up, it aids in weight loss. The same with muscle building and strengthening your body. The combination of eating well and exercising well is also important for your mindset, for motivation and to release those darling endorphins. We have some tips and tricks to help you reach your desired goal.

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Foods That Work Hand In Hand With Fitness

Benefits Of Exercising Whilst Dieting

The misconception between exercise undoing the damage of binge eating is a major aspect when it comes to weight loss. Eating habits contribute 70-80% whilst exercise is only 20-30%. It is truly about balance, depriving yourself of delicious and unhealthy things is realistic- with this being said balance is also about appreciating when you eat those unhealthy or fattening foods. These can all be incorporated into your eating and exercise regime. Additionally, you need to eat for exercise, it is im[ortant to have the necessary energy. Not eating or depriving your body of nutrients is terrible and will only halter your long term goals. Exercising does not have to be major intense workouts every day, they can be pilates workouts, a brisk walk- the aim is to get moving and keep your body going. You will see a shift in mindset when doing this hand in hand. Healthy body, healthy mind- this is true.

Foods To Eat Before A Workout

Fueling up before your workout will make it somewhat easier and maybe even motivate you in some ways. Wholegrains, protein-packed as well as fruits and vegetables can also be good food options to eat prior to working out. Wholegrain toast with some peanut butter, or almond butter, and a few banana slices is delicious, nutritious and the perfect before meal. Moreover, protein of any sort with richer and green vegetables is another option. Or, if you are in a rush a protein smoothie can provide the necessary energy and is super filling but not heavy. It is about finding out what works for you, some individuals like to have 2 dates or some almonds and others prefer something larger. However, the befits of clean eating and working out will have your body feeling great and working efficiently. It is almost as if your body is a machine what you put in you will get out, this is one of the major reasons why working out can be so difficult after a night of drinking. If you are changing your habits, small changes evolve into bigger changes and this is the way.