The Best Exercise Equipment For Your At-Home Workout

Published on 09/25/2019

While some people like to breathe in the fresh air while clocking their miles, others prefer the steady pace of a treadmill. When winter rolls around, however, we prefer to stick indoors and avoid the chilly temps all together. If you hate the grey season as much as we do, we bet you can agree that working out in the safety of our warm homes is the clear winner.

Many people don’t know where to turn when it comes to exercising at home. If you happen to be among the lot, do not worry, we’re here to provide you with some guidance. Thanks to new and improved gym equipment, we have zero excuses to skip a workout. The sheer number of treadmills out there is quite intimidating, so we’ve done our research and only included the best of the best. From dumbells, to exercise balls, we’ve got all of the tools to get your sweat on below, and they’re all available on Amazon!

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The Best Exercise Equipment For Your At-Home Workout

The Best Of The Best

Best Exercise Ball:

Exercise balls have to be one of our favorite pieces of equipment. The number of exercises you can do is never-ending, so get yourself one of these, pronto! Whether you want to stretch out your muscles, work on your abs, or improve stability, an exercise ball will do all that, and more. We recommend the Dynapro Exercise Ball, a new product that fitness fanatics are obsessed with. Dynapro’s model is easy to inflate and has an anti-burst casing. Although we have no idea how you would get 2,000 pounds onto it, if you happen to, it will hold the weight seamlessly! Don’t believe us? Pile on the dumbells and see for yourself!

Best Dumb Bells:

Cardio isn’t the only component to dropping pounds…weight training is just as crucial. Dumbells are a great tool to achieve your goal body, and SPRI‘s Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells are our favorite at the moment. They come in multiple color choices to brighten up even the most mundane days. The non-slip vinyl coating doesn’t cause blisters, and it won’t ruin your hardwood floors either! The dumbbell is another piece of equipment known for its effectiveness and versatility, the reason it makes the list.

Best Resistance Band:

Resistance bands are amazing for at-home workouts, their contained range of movement and portability to thank. The CUXUS Resistance Band Set takes the cake for a number of reasons. The 5-band pack ensures you have every weight for every exercise, and the natural latex and strong steel means it’ll last for years.

Side note: The Yellow band is 5 lbs, Green is 10 lbs, Red is 15 lbs, Blue is 20 lbs, and Black is 25 lbs.

Best Cardio Machine:

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

Best Pull Up Bar:

ProSouce Multi-Grip Bar

Best Overall Machine:

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

Best Kettlebell:

Best Choice Products Set