The Lesser-Known Benefits Of Walking Every Day

Published on 12/04/2019
The Lesser Known Benefits Of Walking Every Day

The Lesser Known Benefits Of Walking Every Day

Everyone always hears how great running is and how we should all be doing it on a regular basis – even just jogging if we aren’t full runners yet. Well, some of us either can’t or simply don’t want to run. Whether it’s due to medical reasons or not, you don’t always have to run to get great health benefits. You can walk! Underwhelming when we say it that way, right? Just hear us out. Running is all well and good, but walking has great benefits too. In fact, walking every day can have some serious health benefits both immediately and in the long run.

Weight Loss

Doing low-intensity exercise like walking can help with losing weight, which leads to losing belly fat as well, something many people want.

Heart Health

Walking 30 minutes a day will increase your heart rate, and the higher the heart rate, the better the blood circulation in the body. Not to mention, brisk walking is known to lower the risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Reduce Risk Of Disease

Walking lowers your blood sugar levels and as a result, your overall diabetes risk. In fact, a study showed that walking can lower the risk for diseases like colon cancer, breast cancer, obesity, hypertension, bone, and joint diseases and depression

Prevent Cancer

According to studies, low-level walking can lower the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.

Delay Aging

As you get older, you might start experiencing aches and pains waking up and stiffness. One of the best ways to combat this phenomenon is – you guessed it – walking. Walking will keep your muscles functioning, strengthen your bones and keep you younger.

Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure or suffer from hypertension, walking is the exercise for you. Doing so regularly can help you a lot.

Lung Capacity

Brisk walking for 30 minutes can increase lung capacity. Walking outside it best, since breathing fresh air will improve the health of your lungs.

Sugar Cravings

People who are overweight or obese who walk 15 minutes a day have been known to have reduced sugar cravings. Research has shown that doing regular exercise reduces sugar cravings in normal weighing people, too.


Walking on a daily basis kick-starts the nervous system in such a way that you will see a decrease in anger, stress, and hostility. As a result, this boosts your mood by lowering stress and depression.