How To Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Published on 09/25/2019

If you’re like most people, you know how easy it is to simply forget to drink water sometimes. When you’re sitting at your work desk or sitting in school all day, it’s super easy to forget the last time you drank water. In addition, even if you are drinking water, most people don’t drink nearly enough for what they should in an entire day. Did you know you should be drinking about 2 liters of water per day? That seems like a lot, but it’s what your body needs to stay as healthy as possible!

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How To Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Add Flavors To Your Water

Whether you’re adding fresh fruit like lemon or berries or even adding some flavored powder to your water, making it taste more flavorful will help you drink more water. Adding freshly sliced fruit to your water also gives you some of the vitamins that are in the fruit, so it’s really a great solution if you’re finding that you aren’t drinking enough water or getting enough fruits in. Of course, the fruit in this bottle won’t suffice for your daily fruit intake, but the flavors that go into your water will help a bit. My personal favorites are lemon, strawberries, and/or fresh mint. I find that these are the most refreshing things to add to my ice-cold water and they definitely help me drink more water throughout the day.

Use An App

Using an app on your phone to track how much water you’ve consumed throughout your day can be an excellent tool, especially if you’re someone who is on their phone quite a bit. Some apps even let you have competitions with your friends to see who can reach their daily water-drinking goal first, which will not only add fun to it but will also make sure your friends are staying healthy and hydrated as well! There are countless apps you can find out there; some apps can even be paired with a high-tech water bottle, so you don’t even have to do any work, the water bottle itself will track how much you’ve consumed in a day! This will ensure very accurate results.

Use A Marked Water Bottle

You can find super cheap marked water bottles online and in some stores, which can be very helpful for tracking your water intake. A marked water bottle is just what it sounds like: it has times and water amounts written on the sides. For example, it will have lines to say how much water you should have consumed at every hour, so you’ll always know if you’ve had enough water compared to what time of day it is. Other marked bottles have the ounces written on the side, and if you can keep track of how many times you’ve filled your bottle, you’ll easily be able to keep track of how many ounces of water you’ve consumed in the day!