Suffering From Hay Fever? Here Are Our 5 Tips

Published on 05/01/2022

Hay fever is annoying, it is not even a question. But you can protect yourself well from pollen in the walls at home. You should heed a few tips and equip your home with the right products if possible.

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Suffering From Hay Fever? Here Are Our 5 Tips

Clean Air

Indoor air purifiers with advanced filtration technology can help reduce pollen concentrations in the air at home and in the office. However, not all devices are equally suitable for allergy sufferers, so you should seek detailed advice before buying. Test reports and seals of approval from TÜV, for example, also provide orientation.

Eliminate Allergy Triggers

Remove allergy triggers from the living environment if possible, for example birch trees if you are allergic to birch pollen. Maybe you can also agree with landlords and neighbors to get rid of plants. When creating gardens, it is a good idea to determine beforehand which plants you are allergic to.


If the pollen count is high, you should of course close the windows. Unless you use pollen protection screens: A pollen protection screen installed in front of the window is able to retain up to 90 percent of all pollen. In this way, you don’t have to do without fresh air even in summer and you can open the window without worrying. The grilles fit many different window sizes, some designs can even be custom cut to optimize the fit. As a rule, the grilles are made of a special state-of-the-art fabric. Assembly is easy thanks to the adhesive tape provided, the grids are removable and can even be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Important: Although the pollen is kept out, both air and light naturally penetrate through the close-meshed fabric. So you’re not left in the dark!

Special Vacuum Cleaners

A special vacuum cleaner is a “must” for every hay fever and animal hair allergy sufferer. Conventional devices are usually not sufficient to significantly reduce indoor pollen levels. The reason: Most pollen is so tiny that it “slips” through the filter of the vacuum cleaner and immediately gets back into the living room with the exhaust air. However, a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers is a so-called HEPA filter vacuum cleaner (HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air). A water vacuum cleaner is also a good solution: With these models, the dusty air is passed through a water filter. Virtually all dirt particles are bound in its water whirlpool, including allergens such as pollen or animal hair and possible water-soluble environmental toxins.

Medicines From The Pharmacy

In order to combat allergic symptoms in the short term, there are drugs against the body’s own messenger histamine, which triggers the allergic symptoms. These substances are called antihistamines. These drugs, which are usually available in pharmacies without a prescription, are available in tablet form, among other things. As eye drops or nasal sprays, they can be used directly where symptoms often arise in pollen allergy sufferers. The pharmacist will advise you on suitable, well-tolerated preparations. Specialists now often recommend using antihistamines throughout the pollen season and not just from time to time to treat symptoms. Ask the doctor about this.