Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine Or Coffee

Published on 10/29/2019


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Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine Or Coffee

Billions of people around the world drink coffee or some substance with caffeine a day. But nobody is thinking about the effects this has on our bodies. Caffeine is typically accepted in moderation, but there are some considerable benefits to breaking the habit.

Break the Addiction

Some people would say that caffeine is an active substance to a certain extent, while others would go as far as to say that it is highly addictive. Dependence on any substance to function normally throughout the day or to stay awake is already a detrimental cycle. Caffeine can change the chemistry and function of our brains, thus resulting in the increased craving for the substance. But quitting this addiction puts the cycle on pause and relieves us from requiring the drug to function in a normal way.

Lessen Financial Burdens

Your caffeine addiction is costing you more than you think. Buying a cup of coffee every day surely adds up. And what’s worse twice a day! Thousands of dollars can be saved a year by quitting entirely. Take a look at how much you are spending if you purchase any of these products.

  • A Grande Starbucks Latte: $3.85 a day | $27 a week | $1,405 a year
  • Monster Energy Drink: $3 a day | $21 a week | $1,095 a year
  • Home-brewed coffee: $.71 a day | $5 per week | $259 a year
  • 5 hour energy: $3 a day | $21 a week | $1,095 a year

And think about if you purchase these more than once a day, go ahead and multiply by that number and try not to have a heart attack!

Lower Blood Pressure

Caffeine shows a direct relationship to increased blood pressure. Quitting coffee or caffeine can lower your blood pressure and keep your working efficiently.

Better Sleep

If you’re someone who enjoys a cup of coffee late in the afternoon or even in the evenings, this may severely interrupt your normal sleep pattern. People report better sleep when they had no caffeine after twelve.