10 Sports To Play To Get Active This Summer

Published on 08/04/2022

You can be enjoying the end of a long winter and the arrival of mild weather depending on where you live. In fact, some of us declared that summer is practically here as soon as the temperature climbed above 60 degrees and at least one tree began to bloom. Summer sports are a great way to take advantage of the new season after emerging from winter hibernation, whether you’re competitive or just looking for a reason to get outside and move about.

The good news is that there are many enjoyable sports to participate in, ranging from easy to difficult and peaceful to intense. You don’t need to be an Olympian to participate, and even if you don’t want to play a team sport, you can still begin moving by going outside and taking a stroll. Here are 10 sports, however, that are enjoyable in any season, but are especially enjoyable when performed outside in the summer months, if you’re ready to embrace your inner athlete.

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Shutterstock 96898810


If you don’t like the notion of working up a sweat on dry land on a hot summer day, swimming is a terrific method to exercise in the water. Summer is the ideal time to swim more, whether you do it for fun, exercise, or competition. Go to the nearest beach or pool and jump in. Just keep in mind to put safety first. The U.S. is experiencing a lifeguard deficit, so if you’re not a good swimmer or have any qualms about swimming without a professional present, it’s better to wait until you find a pool or beach with lifeguards on duty.


If you have access to an indoor court nearby, you can play tennis all year round. But playing outside is fantastic, especially if you can find some friendly rivalry. You’ll realize what an incredible exercise it is after just 30 minutes on the court.

Street Hockey

Hockey does not always take place on an ice surface. Ground hockey, commonly referred to as street hockey, is another exciting (and, if you’d like, intense) variation of the game. Additionally, playing outside in the sunshine is much more enticing than skating on a chilly inside surface of ice. Find some friends, gather some sticks and pucks, and then go to a vacant lot or deserted street to start playing.


Hey, breakdancing will soon become an Olympic sport, so you might as well practice your moves now. Look for a dance class that meets outside (it doesn’t have to be breakdancing), or grab your phone and use online tutorials to practice dancing. You’ll be prepared to perform a sunset concert soon enough.

Blind Soccer

People who are seeing or visually challenged can play blind soccer. Players who can see must wear eye shields during the game, which prevents them from seeing. Typically, the game is played on a smaller field than regular soccer. While the United States has seen an increase in programs, Brazil is still thought to have the greatest blind soccer squad in the world.


Rugby is best enjoyed by people who are familiar with its rules since, well, they can be very perplexing. And while professional Major League Rugby exists here, it’s undoubtedly more popular abroad. Even if you spend a lot of time on the sidelines admiring the weather and trying to make sense of things, the sport is worth trying out if you’re up for a challenge. The sport can be a little tough.


There’s a reason baseball is often referred to as “America’s favorite pastime.” It’s fun — and not just fun to watch. In fact, some might argue it’s far more enjoyable to actually play and be part of the action. Head to an open field with friends or sign up for a recreational league, and start practicing your base-running.


Although the field is a little bit smaller and the ball is bigger and softer than a baseball, softball is in no way a lesser sport. Additionally, it’s typically simpler to find softball leagues than baseball ones if you’re trying to join an adult leisure league. Can you hit the most home runs in a single summer?


It may be a fantastic competitive sport for those who play it well. In actuality, it is a recognized Olympic sport. Players in handball use their hands to pass a ball between teammates and eventually into the goal of the other team. Handball is kind of like a hybrid between basketball and soccer. You can play it on any open soccer field you find because the goal is essentially a soccer goal.


Speaking about football, it’s another vigorous activity that’s great for playing with friends outside. Soccer is the same thing. It’s never too late to start playing if you haven’t already, or at least to give it a shot. Soccer fans all over the world will be anticipating the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar; once you know what to do, you’ll have even more fun joining them.