Optimize How Many Calories You Burn At Home

Published on 01/04/2021

Working out at home is becoming more and more prevalent for us in today’s day and age, optimizing our effectiveness and workouts can be more challenging for many at home. However, it is possible to get the most out of your home workout and burn just as many calories as you may need to. Once you have become used to using the gym’s equipment and working out in that motivating atmosphere it is difficult to adjust to home workouts, but where there is a will there is a way. We completely understand the distractions training at home poses but you can do it! Set time aside and follow some of these tips and tricks to optimize your calorie burning.

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Optimize How Many Calories You Burn At Home

Running And Walking

Running and walking are exercises that are the easiest to burn the most calories, however, depending on your fitness level this can take some time. When burning calories weight goes hand-in-hand with duration and effort exerted. To burn the calories you want you would either need to be rather skilled at either of these physical activities or you would need to dedicate the necessary time to them in order to reach your goals. There are thus better ways if time is a concern.


Adding high-knees into a HIIT circuit is a great way to burn calories quickly. All you do is simply run in one spot whilst lifting your knees the highest you possibly can. Add to the exercise by pumping your arms upwards and downwards. Add this to your workout and give it your all, it will certainly raise your heart-rate and have those calories dropping especially in the intense interval method.


These are just as good as high-knees and some may even find easier, the truth is they burn the exact same amount of calories. You simply alternate lifting one heel towards your bottom and do so as quickly as you can. It makes sense these cardio exercises burn calories and raise your heart-rate, it is as if you are running and jumping at the same time. Some find that the quicker the better, meaning they like to get the workout done as soon as they can, thus, these exercises work great.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are considered a full-body workout and there are a bunch of different variations that can target different areas of your body. We swear by these and many individuals find them much easier than both the above exercises. When they burn the same amount of calories as the others too. When performing mountain climbers, ensure you are engaging your core and that you return to plank position briefly each time. Your shoulders should be positioned over your hands but your face in-line with your hands in order for your core to be fully engaged. You can do these by alternating legs directly in front of you, or target obliques by crossing over with each leg. Do not stop, if te exercise becomes hard simply raise your bottom up a bit for a few seconds but then return downwards into plank.