Debunked: Is Dance A Sport?

Published on 11/03/2019

The ongoing debate about whether dance is a sport or an art has been going on for decades. Those who have never danced or seen a dance performance usually say it’s an art, but those who have often say it falls into both categories. Although the music and movements evoke certain emotions, very similar to art and what it does to us, the athleticism and strength needed in dance also make it very similar to sports. So what do you think it is?

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Debunked: Is Dance A Sport?

Sport Or Art?

Those who claim dance is, in fact, a sport usually back up their argument with these 10 reasons.

1. Dance Is Very Competitive: Anyone who has seen the TV show Dance Moms knows what we’re talking about! It’s all about being the most flexible, leaping the highest and turning the quickest.

2. Dancers Are Very Muscular: Dancers are extremely sculpted. Their arms and legs are #goals. Just check JLo out!

3. Dancers Must Stretch Daily: Being flexible is a major component to being a great dancer. This being the reason stretching daily is crucial.

4. Dancers Need To Be Strong: Without strength, dancers would never get through a show! And if you’re partnering…forget about it! Without strength, it’s impossible.

5. Dancers Often Suffer From Injuries: Dancers get hurt as often as other athletes, usually in their feet and ankles.

6. Dance Equipment Is Crucial & Expensive: A good pair of pointe shoes can set you back $300, and usually, have to be replaced every few months (depending on wear).

7. Dancers Have Uniforms & Dress Codes: Many dance teachers have their students wear the same color or even the same apparel. Also, costumes on stage are always matching as well!

8. Dancers Train For Years (And Years): Excelling a dance takes training…and even more training.

9. Dancers Need To Make Sacrifices: Professional dancers are in the studio every day of the week for hours on end. Sacrifices are made daily to achieve their dreams.

10. Dancers Need To Have A Lot Of Stamina: Dancing for 5 minutes straight with a smile on your face is no easy feat. Dancers work hard AND make it look easy!

We bet you’re just as convinced as we are that dance is just as much a sport as it is an art. Go dance!