The Best YouTube Fitness Channels For Home Workouts

Published on 01/12/2021

Sport is not only good for the body, but also for your mind and soul! Especially in times like these, we should not forget to take care of ourselves and our health. Many gyms around the world are closed due to COVID-19 right now, but that doesn’t stop us from working out! We searched the best fitness instructors on YouTube, so you can still keep on getting stronger! They do not only have amazing workouts, you also don’t need anything except a yoga mat and yourself.

Lilly Sabri

Lilly Sabri is a fitness influencer and founder of Lean with Lilly, that offers workouts on her YouTube channel. No matter if you want to work on your legs, your arms, your stomach or your back, Lilly will have a great exercises for you! Her workouts are split in body-categories. Therefore, you have the chance to work exactly on the body part you want to improve. While some of her workouts are 40-60 minutes long, most of them only take 15 minutes of your time. Lilly Sabri especially things about people with a tight schedule, so her short and intense workouts are perfect for everyone with a busy lifestyle. Besides her amazing exercise sessions on YouTube, she also offers free workout guides and nutrition tips on her website. So if you want to stay active and work on your body even though you have a very tight schedule, Lilly Sabris workouts might be the perfect fit for you!

Popsugar Fitness

Posugar fitness is a fitness YouTube channel, which offers a variety of different workouts. From Pilates and Yoga, over dance exercises to HIIT workouts, Popsugar Fitness has everything your fitness heart can wish for. The workouts are held by famous fitness experts and celebrity fitness trainers. The Channel also offers “Fitsugar” classes, which are real time workouts that you can do via live stream. Popsugar fitness is a great fitness channel, for everyone who likes to change up their workout routine and try different types of sport!

The Fitness Marshall

“The Fitness Marshal” is the perfect YouTube fitness channel, for everyone who likes to dance! The channel offers a variety of dance classes to the newest hits, in different styles such as hip hop, jazz or contemporary. The workouts are divided in “low impact”, “low sweat”, “moderate sweat” and “heavy sweat” so you can find the best workout for your body’s needs. Besides dance classes, “The Fitness Marshal” also creates many sport challenges for their community. If you love to dance and do something good for your body, you definitely should check “The Fitness Marshal” out!

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is one of the most famous YouTube fitness influencers around the world. The fitness influencer offers many workouts targeting the whole body on her YouTube channel. Pamela Reif loves it short and intense! Most of her workouts are only around 20 minutes long, but your muscles will still be sore after days. If you want to sculpt and tone your body, but don’t have a lot of time for long workout sessions, Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel is the right one for you!

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga is not only good for your body, but also great for your state of mind. If you search for a workout that will tone your body and calm your mind at the same time, you should check out the YouTube channel “Yoga with Adriene”. Adriene is a certified international yoga teacher and offers different yoga style workouts such as vinyasa flow, hatha and meditation exercises. No matter if you are e beginner, intermediate or a yoga pro already, “Yoga with Adriene” will have a workout for you!