The Israeli Beach Game Making Waves Across The Globe

Published on 09/25/2019

In this small Middle-Eastern country on the Mediterranean, there’s a popular beach game that all locals play no matter the season. The country we’re speaking of is Israel, and the game is matkot. Ask any Israeli what their national sport is, and most will answer with matkot. It’s impossible to be at the beach in the summer and not see someone with a racket in their hand. This century-old game has become apart of the culture, and for good reason! Luckily you don’t have to travel far to experience this beloved game, it’s popularity is growing and the sport is gaining traction! The next time you’re at your local beach, keep an eye out for the game…and join in on the fun!

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The Israeli Beach Game Making Waves Across The Globe

What Is Matkot?

Matkot has been played for nearly 100 years, and it’s still as popular as ever! The game is played in pairs, but some prefer not to put a cap on the fun and make it a group game. Matkot comes from the word racket, which in Hebrew means matka. The sport is so popular because it can be played by people of all ages. From kids to grandparents, everyone can get involved in the fun!

The Equipment

The game is played with a paddle and a ball, making it quite similar to beach tennis. The ball is made of rubber and the rackets are made of wood and carbon. The balls are very light and bouncy, similar to those used in squash. We recommend getting a ball that’s a bright color, that way you can easily spot it when playing just before sunset. The equipment can cost from anywhere between $20 to $200, depending on the quality.

Go pick up a set at your local sports shop, and get playing! We guarantee you’ll have a lot of laughs, and you’ll get a good workout!