The 5 Most Popular Sports In The World

Published on 06/10/2021

For many decades, sports have played a really important role in many people’s lives all over the world. And for a number of reasons, sports are extremely popular. Whether it is a professional, a hobby or just something to keep you fit, now more than ever sports are taken very seriously. Ever wondered which sports are the most popular? Keep reading to find out the top 5…

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The 5 Most Popular Sports In The World

Football (Soccer)

This may seem pretty obvious, soccer is the most popular sport across the world. There is both a large number of participants that enjoy playing as well as billions of fans. Like many sports, soccer originated in England back in the 19th century. But today, the sport is the most popular in countries such as China, Brazil, France, Germany, and Spain. One reason for football’s popularity is that, unlike other sports that require expensive equipment, all you need to play football is a ball and a pair of skilled feet. The FIFA World Cup is the most symbolic event linked to this sport, but for now, make sure to catch the Euro 2020.


According to Golf Today, this sport has approximately 60 million people all over the world who regularly play it. Gone are the days where golf was only associated with old men, today anyone including young people, women, and kids enjoy this great sport. It sport that you can play alone, with strangers who with friends. In addition to this, you get to enjoy the outdoors while getting some good exercise at the same time.


Tennis is one of the sports that is widely recognized as the most popular individual sport in the world. It is played by roughly 60 million people around the world and has a fanbase of about 1 billion people. This fast-paced racquet sport is played by men, women, and of course children of all ages. One of the awesome benefits that come with playing tennis is that you truly get a great workout. Throughout the year, there are various tennis events that people enjoy watching, some of which include, Wimbledon, The French Open, and The Australian Open


Volleyball was first played back in 1895 but has been an Olympic sport for many years. There are so many different reasons as to why so many people love and play this sport. Firstly, it’s an intense game filled with high energy. Additionally, this exciting sport gives your whole body an excellent workout.  The game has a following of 900 million people, mostly in North America and Western Europe but also in Asia, Australia, and South America. One of the more popular variants of the game is known as beach volleyball. And believe it or not but volleyball is actually considered to be one of the top 10 most popular sports in the world.


This is probably where a lot of eyebrows will start to rise because indeed cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. With a fan base of roughly 2.5 billion people and around 460 million who play the sport, there must be something to this interesting game. Cricket is most popular in the former commonwealth countries such as Australia, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.  The International Cricket Council (ICC) identified that an impressive 125 countries around the world play the sport. Never seen a game? We highly recommend that you do!