Tennis: Why The Popular Sport Is Excellent For Your Health

Published on 04/13/2021
Tennis: Why The Popular Sport Is Excellent For Your Health

Tennis: Why The Popular Sport Is Excellent For Your Health

There are many reasons tennis is as popular as it is. Aside from being a great way to exercise, playing tennis is suitable for people of all ages, making it a great choice for just about anyone over the age of 3. Aside from that, it can be adjusted to anyone’s fitness level, whether they want to play a fast-paced intense game or play slowly and leisurely. Even if you’ve never picked up a racquet or if yours is sitting in your closet collecting dust, it’s never too late to get back into it! Keep reading to find out about some amazing health benefits of playing the game.

It’s Great Cardio

Any kind of aerobic activity supports heart health. All the running, jumping and swinging that occurs while playing tennis will increase your heart rate. When the heart rate increases, your breathing will become deeper and faster, increasing oxygen and blood flow throughout the entire body. All of this contributes to a stronger cardiovascular system.

It Helps Weight Loss

Aside from being a great aerobic exercise, tennis helps protect your heart and also helps lose weight. A study done in 2012 found that obese men and women who started doing aerobic exercise five days a week lost significant amounts of weight over the course of 10 months – even if they made no changes to their diets. Of course, losing weight depends on a lot of things like your current weight and the intensity of your game. If you’re looking to lose weight, combine this activity with a healthy diet.

It Boosts Brain Function

Exercising in itself is great for the brain, but tennis, in particular, holds many mental benefits. One of them is improving critical thinking and mental alertness. Additionally, it can help tactical thinking by making connections in the brain. On top of all that, tennis helps regulate serotonin which is a brain chemical that is linked to functions like sleep cycles, appetite, and emotions. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping – go play tennis!

It’s Good For Stress Relief

Any kind of exercise helps manage stress and reduce it. However, tennis requires your attention and focus so it keeps you from allowing your mind to race the way it can when you’re exercising in other ways like running. The game forces you to pay attention, so you get a little mental break from your problems. The stress relief applies to your physical state, too. Being able to get your heart rate up and use a lot of energy is a great way for relieving stress. That’s why high-intensity is the best thing for stress relief – you get to release all that pent-up energy.

It Improves Range Of Motion And Balance

Tennis is a sport that you constantly need to be on the move. You’re changing direction, running after a ball, stretching to reach it, and so on. All these movements mean that your body is learning and adjusting to help you play better. Over time, this will result in better balance due to strengthened muscles and increased range of motion. Another bonus is improved flexibility, which helps prevent injuries as well. It’s a win-win!