Yoga For Kids- How To Get The Little Ones On Board

Published on 01/26/2020

Yoga isn’t strictly for adults- kids are taking part in the peaceful movement too. If you’re a mother or father who can’t get enough of the zen-like exercise, we’ve got good news: you can forego a babysitter and take the tots along too! Yoga for kids is popping up all over the United States with studios dedicated to people less than 4 feet tall. Yoga is a phenomenal practice that should be enjoyed by all!

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Yoga For Kids- How To Get The Little Ones On Board

Adults aren’t the only people dealing with stress- our little ones are too. Kids are surrounded by malls, school, competitive sports, video games, and pushy parents; that’s a lot to deal with, even for those with fully-developed brains! We may think all kids do is play and have fun, but that’s truly not the fact of the matter. Yoga helps children face these pressures head-on and often relieves them of stress.

What Children Learn From Yoga:

1- Self-Health

2- Relaxation

3- Self-Esteem

4- Body Empowerment & Awareness

5- A Non-Competitive Sport

6- Compassion & Cooperation

What Children Gain From Yoga:

1- Flexibility

2- Strength

3- Coordination

4- Concentration

5- Calmness & Relaxation

6- Focus

When children practice yoga they develop a relationship with the natural world, connect with their inner selves, play, exercise and improve their overall physical and mental health. Although kids reap similar benefits to adults when it comes to yoga, the practice itself is quite different.

Child’s play is a crucial part of yoga for kids- the class structure must be adjusted to fit into this idea. A sort of storytelling approach to yoga will benefit both the teacher and her students; they will be able to follow along and also remain engaged. The key to yoga for children is to make it fun; have them hiss when in cobra position, meow while in cat stretch and bark when in downward dog pose. The most important thing is to smile, keep the students entertained, and introduce them to the wonderful practice of yoga.