The 25 Faces Who Made A Fortune From Commercials

Published on 06/04/2020

We all know there are huge amounts of money to be earned in commercials, with actors earning more per hour than their other projects. But have you ever wondered just exactly how much? I’m sure that you wouldn’t even imagine that they make these amounts of money just for a simple commercial and for being a known face!  If they make this much only for appearing a few minutes on-screen let’s just forget about how much they must make after a full movie! Here we expose 25 actors and their net worth from commercials alone.

Vanessa Lynn Branch

British-born, American-actress, Vanessa earned her $500,000 fortuned as the Orbit Gum girl. Each advert shows a dirty mouth, then features Branch holding a packet of Orbit saying, “Fabulous! For a good, clean feeling. No matter what!”


Beck Bennett

35-yr old Beck Bennett created a fake news show, Fresh Perspectives, co-founded Good Neighbor, and has been a Saturday Night Live member since 2013. However, it was his AT&T  “It’s Not Complicated” campaign in which he interviewed kids that gave him his first on-screen recognition.